Our Pastor

Pastor Randy Shoulders & Helen Shoulders

Randy grew up in Sherman and upon graduating high school in 1981, he attended Baylor University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Religion. He and Helen met in college and married in 1984. Soon after, they moved to Fort Worth, where he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated in 1987 with a Masters of Divinity.  Randy and Helen have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

Randy has pastored three churches from 1987-2015. The first two were Baptist churches in Texas. Then in 1996, their family moved to North Scottsdale, Arizona where they started a non-denominational church. Over the next almost 20 years, they witnessed God doing amazing things as He transformed lives, restored marriages and created a family of faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2016, Randy and Helen moved back to Sherman.