Serving  Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities for MasterKey Ministries Food Assistance
Can you fill one of these spots?  We need you! 
Tues - Noon - 2pm  Fill Food Boxes
Wed - Noon – 1pm   Pick up products from local retail partners
Thur - 10 am – Noon   Move food from pallets to storage
Fri - 8am - 11ish   Hand out food to families
Sat - 7:15 – 11:30am   Multiple positions open to assist distribution to families
Other Opportunities to assist ministry: grant writer, organize fund raisers, talk to businesses about employee volunteering programs, etc.
**Come help us feed our community. **
Call Crystal Brooks (Masterkey’s Food Coordinator) to volunteer.  903-647-4068

Urgent Need for Cuba

Visit,  to share physical bread and the true Bread of life who alone can meet their deepest needs.
Please pray that our brothers and sisters in Cuba would turn to God during this crisis and that the Lord would provide the needed resources.
For questions about this effort, feel free to contact Tommy Shields, Jeremy  Knight or Terri Chapman.  
The LORD has opened a door to provide much needed food to our Cuban brothers and sisters, who literally are the (least of these) through East West Ministries. Please join Post Oak Fellowship to partner with them in sending full-sized shipping containers full of food and hygiene products delivered directly to the port and into the hands of our Cuban pastors to distribute.
The physical conditions in Cuba are utterly heartbreaking. The country is experiencing even more dire food shortages. Cubans are waiting in line for hours, in an attempt to find what little food is left, often in vain. The government has implemented harsh restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, leaving many afraid to leave their homes to obtain basic necessities.