Story  of  our  name


Why choose a tree? And, since we chose a tree, why the post oak?

A tree with deep roots, strong branches, and a wide canopy is a familiar symbol of life. And, the post oak tree, which grows abundantly in our region and gives its name to the creek alongside which this church has its historic origins, is particularly hardy against disease, fire, and drought. Long-lived and sturdy, the post oak produces its own seed (acorns) to grow more trees, and also provides food and shelter to birds and animals. It distinctly responds to the seasons with new growth in spring, full shade in summer, brilliant color in fall, and quiet, albeit bare, strength in the winter.

In the same way, Post Oak Fellowship is already deeply rooted in this community and has strength through God’s grace for the future. Through service and missions we hope to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of our fellowship, our city and the world. Through Bible teaching we hope to help Christians grow in knowledge and strength so they may be in the world but not succumb to the conditions of the world. And, through love and fellowship we hope to distinctly respond to the spiritual and physical seasons of the members from the tender beginnings of belief to the bare winter of the soul, when things may look bleak but there is life deep in the roots. Post Oak Fellowship will love, teach, worship, pray, serve, and send.  

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:30 a.m.
at 2100 N. Woods St., Sherman, TX 75092